Clichy, Paris, Saturday, May 17 2003, 14:10 PM


Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of our entire family Vuong-Houissa, I would like to express our fond memories of the dearest Phat. The extent of our loss is indescribable; it is too difficult for us to accept what has happened. In the last few weeks, we all have been trying to cope with this devastating loss. Now we will try to heal our sorrow so as to face a new future without our loved one.

Phat had lived a remarkable life, one that has inspired us greatly. His broad range of medical knowledge, his dedication to the medical profession, his tireless effort for medical research, his commitment to others, his courageous attitude, and his happy character made him an exceptional and gifted person. He was patient, generous, full of affection for people, and his profession.  He was philosophical in his approach to life, and especially had a great perspective when it came to the little things; he showed great dignity and humor, a very caring human being.

Phat pursued his many endeavors diligently, and always rose up to any challenges. Dr. Phat, was a Pathologist, Cytologist, Medical Researcher; fully qualified in Anatomic Pathology and Cytopathology, in Forensic Medicine and competent in Cancerology. Phat was Head of the Unit of Anatomical and Cytological Pathology of the Saint Michel Hospital in Paris. Phat was also a Philosophy Doctor (PhD) of the Pierre and Marie Curie Life and Health Sciences University of  Paris, and Doctor of Science (Sc D) as he obtained a national accreditation to direct scientific research. Phat was also a member of the International Board of Cytopathology, International Academy of Cytology in Chicago, USA. He also was member of several  French and international medical societies.

Dr. Phat has been a director supervising the thesis work of many candidates to the medical doctor diploma. We feel it is important to point out that Dr. Nguyen Huy Can was Phat’s professor during his years of medical study in Vietnam. Once, Phat began working as a professor, he had, in return, the opportunity to serve as a research advisor to Dr. Nguyen Huy Can’s children as they pursued their medical studies in France.

Dr. Phat cooperated with scientific teams at various laboratories conducting studies on experimental pathological models, and human and veterinary diseases. Such laboratories included the Laboratory of Experimental Parasitology, the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Saint Etienne du Rouvray, the Laboratory of Parasitic Biology, Protitology and Helminthology, affiliated to the National Scientific Research Center, the National Museum of Natural History, the Creteil Laboratory of Parasitology.

Dr. Phat contributed hundreds of medical articles to various professional journals and books. Together with his beloved wife, the Dr. Sarra Vuong, and the Dr. Erno Baviera, Phat published the book “Study protocol in Anatomical and Cytological Pathology” in 1986. Together with Sir Colin Berry, D. Austin, Phat published the book “Pathological diagnosis of Vascular Disease in 1999”. Recently, in May 2002, Phat, again, together with Sir Colin Berry published the book “The Pathology of Vessels”.

Phat also presented much of his medical research at scientific meetings throughout the world, and abstracts of his publications and presentations appeared in related professional journals.

Moreover, Dr. Vuong Ngoc Phat’s biography record was entered into the Who’s Who in the World publications (1995 – 2003).

In addition to medicine, Phat always took interest in the people that he met. Over the years, he always told us how much love he had for his best friends in Paris, the city were he found love and affection. He had expressed his love especially for the colleagues and the working team at the Laboratoire Anatomie et Cytologie Pathologies at Bievre - such as Dr. and Madame Erno Baviera who have been in partnership with Phat since the opening of this laboratory; such as Patricia, the secretary that has been working for Phat for more than thirty years, and all team members at Saint Michel Hospital, where Dr  Phat was the head of the unit of Anatomical and Cytological Pathology.

For Phat  “Paris est la cité pour les amoureux” (The City For Lovers). Indeed, it was in Paris that he met and married his wife - Dr. Sarra Vuong, and with whom he shared over 25 years of happiness. Sarra has not only been his wonderful wife, but also a loving mother of their two daughters Anh-Asma and Hien-Hella. And above all, she has been a great companion and supporter throughout his career.  Phat repeatedly told us that Sarra always loved him with all her heart and that his love for Sarra was eternal.  In addition to Sarra, Phat devoted his love to his daughters Anh-Asma and Hien-Hella, as well as to his first two children Tam and Lan from whom Phat was long separated due to difficult circumstances. He felt particularly happy that both Tam and Lan were able to join Asma and Hella to be by his side during his last days. Futhermore, Phat enjoyed the pride of being a grandfather to Lan-Nhi, daughter of Lan; and to Noah, son of Tam.

Phat always reserved a special place in his heart for his beloved parents, his brothers, sisters, and other family members. Ever since his father passed away, Phat had increasingly felt attached to the place where his father rests, and he always expressed  his wish to be laid to rest next to his beloved father once the time for him to leave this world had come.

We will miss the achievements of his endless medical research, and we will miss the stories from the continents he would be visiting when sharing his research with others. We will miss his clear perspective, his great humor, and his always radiant smiles. We will miss the surprising depth and scope of his medical knowledge. We will miss the warmth he extended to everyone he met.

We would like to also take this opportunity, on behalf of Phat’s entire family, and especially Sarra Vuong, to thank all of you who have come to support us, visited Phat at the hospital, brought flowers, sent endless encouraging messages, and paid their respects in so many ways to our dearest Phat. Your kindness has been such an enormous support, it has comforted us and afforded us the strength to move forward. Especially, we would like to extend our thanks to Dr. and Madame Erno Baviera who gave us tremendous support during our most difficult time. We also would like to   extend our thanks to Mr Don Jean, Director of Clinique de La Defense. We would like to also extend our thanks to Mrs. Habiba Houissa, Sarra’s mother, her sisters and brothers who made every effort to come and share our deepest sorrow and to support Sarra in this particularly trying times.

We will miss our Phat dearly.
We will treasure his memory forever.
Thank you all very much.
The Vuong-Houissa family